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Nonprofit Organizations We Support

* All Wars Memorial dedicated to all who sacrificed to assure our freedom
* Diablo Valley Veterans Foundation "Nearly 154,000 veterans are homeless on any given night and twice as many experience homelessness during a year"
* East Bay Stand Down We don't leave our wounded behind...
* Veterans Memorial Building of Danville Since 1925, an activity center for the San Ramon Valley Veteran community...
* Viet Nam Veterans of Diablo Valley The Highest Degree of Brotherhood

Small Businesses We Want to Stay Open

* Integrity Moving Solutions Because life is complicated enough...
* Sato Japanese Restaurant THE Japanese place to eat great food in Pleasanton!

Personal Web Pages

* Fielder Family Reunion The Family is planning its next reunion in 2023 or 2024...
* Lee & Chelle's Photo Album
* Smiley Photo Album
* Lynette Kessler
* Hametia Fielder King We all miss you